South Pacific



The South Pacific is a largely untouched paradise. Thousands of tiny islands are scattered through the world’s biggest ocean, and each country is as diverse as the region is vast. It is unparalleled in its natural beauty, above and below the water. Its diverse natural habitat make it an exciting place to explore, from migrating whales and deserted tropical islands, to infinite underwater ecosystems, spontaneous volcanic eruptions, and the warmth of the people and culture.

In this region, No Limit Journeys offer a range of rare activities from swimming with humpback whales and their babies, survival on deserted islands, and sailing & landing on new islands, fishing and diving along the way.

Examples of journeys:

Humpback watching and swimming

Island Survival

Sailing and Island hopping

Private island beach house experience

Game fishing

Island retreat

Current Destinations:


Kingdom of Tonga