About us

No Limit Journeys is an independent travel wholesaler specialising in custom made itineraries from around the globe for travel agents.

With adventurous hearts and spirits, and a passion for exploration, we explore  and have explored where few have gone before. We have built itineraries based on our own personal experiences, and our expert team can design and tailor journeys to suit your clientele. We specialise in adventure tourism and expeditions that are off the beaten track, and will challenge the intrepid traveller.

Our philosophy

Our adventure tourism and expedition itineraries are designed to discover and explore the more remote parts of the world, and mentally and physically challenge the most intrepid traveller. Most itineraries come as a complete package, drawing on personal experience, networks and contacts. This provides a unique experience and takes the hassle out of organising so the customer can enjoy experiences that memories are made of. We are environmentally and culturally sensitive and work to minimise the negative impact we have on the land and people that welcome us. This also means that trips are limited to small numbers (a maximum of eight people in average).


Our background is in creating and undertaking expeditions

Managing Director, Cyril Delafosse-Guiramand was born in Mexico and has spent significant periods of time in the Philippines, Gabon, Bulgaria, Brazil, France, Australia and Tonga.  He has undertaken several expeditions following his passion in exploring the world. Over 15 months, he followed a prisoner escape route from a brutal Siberian gulag. With just 10 kilos of gear, he trekked more than 11,000 kilometers over the world’s most merciless landscapes.  As technical director for Peter Weir’s film The Way Back that captures this great prison escape, Cyril briefed actors on life in the gulags and how to survive nature at its most extreme. He has also trekked from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, trekked across France and South America, travelled in rugged conditions across the Stans, and spent years boating around the expansive ocean of the Pacific.

As an Associate of No Limited Journeys, Gwenole Guiomard brings his life long experience in adventure management and journalism. He travels light, with a small bag and book in hand and writes extensive travel diaries. He has an impressive network of contacts and detailed knowledge of history and geography, making him an ideal travel designer and companion but most of all the cultural brain of most itineraries. He has traveled the old fashion way most of his life, by road, train or boat. Gwen has driven from Paris to Beijing. As well as Paris to Kabul with researchers and academics on a UNESCO endorsed journey. When immersed in the Trans-Siberian railway he experienced the deepest of Russia parallel world. Passionate about regional and local languages he understands particularly well the need to respect local culture for a sustainable and successful journey.