tonga retreat to paradise island


A TRUE GETAWAY, unique and unforgetable


Need to write a book?

Retreat with your family for quality time?

Have some time on your own to rest or reflect?

Want a romantic secluded getaway?

Or looking to spend time with friends and have a real fun break?

This experience is for you!

No Limit Journeys brings you access to a remote tropical island all to yourself. No fine prints.

The Island offers simple accommodation and amenities, white sand, crystal clear warm water, and a hammock in between two coconut trees.

It is completely off the grid. Nobody around to bother you. No mobile phone. No Internet. This island experience provides the perfect conditions to disconnect, rest, relax and regenerate.

We provide a carer and a cook, a boat and its boatman, and they are at your service. Choose to do nothing, or partake in a range of activities at your leisure, from snorkelling, swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, spearfishing, kayaking and island hopping.

It's up to you - the Island is yours. Stay as long or as little as you like, and choose your own adventure.

A simple, affordable and unforgettable experience awaits.

1.Departure Date:

Anytime from March to late November


8 days (7 nights) or any length you want !

3.Group Meeting Point:

Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga

4.Who can go?

a.Min age: anybody   

b.Physical condition: just be healthy so we dont have to take you to hospital!

c.You will need to:

i.Enjoy tropical weather

ii.Be well spirited and happy with unplanned changes

iii.Be happy with little

iv.Enjoy seclusion

d.Group size: from 1 to 12

5.Journey Hardship Rating (1 to 10): Overall = 3 /10

Difficulty = 1

Isolation = 7

Danger = 1

6.This activity involves (%):

Transport: van = 10% | local boat = 20% | walk/swim = 70%

Survival skills = 05%

Orienteering = 0%

Group Autonomy = 10%


Day 1, meet at the Fuamotu International Airport, visit town. Have a meal, see the market choose some of your preferred veggies, head to the harbor and sail to the island. Settle in the accommodation, visit the island.

Day 2-7, enjoy the island, discover its bush, shores. Go fishing, snorkelling, sunbathing, paddleboarding, play cards... Hop on the boat discover a neighbouring deserted island or go fishing for dinner. Head back to mainland to enjoy a restaurant. You set your rhythm.

Day 8, breakfast, head to the airport. Fly out. End of journey.

8.Weather / local conditions / Terrain:

The climate is tropical with a distinct warm period called Rainy Season(December–April), during which the temperatures rise above 32°C (89.6°F), and a cooler period or Dry Season (May–November), with temperatures rarely rising above 27°C (80.6°F). Precipitation is greatest on northern islands (2500 mm per year) than on the southern islands of the Kingdom (1700 mm per year), where we are. The sunshine is moderate (six to eight hours per day) and the average humidity reaches 75%. We travel to Tonga outside of the Cyclone season (December to March, usually). But showers are common; they go as fast as they arrive!

Terrain: Tonga is made of 174 islands in 4 archipelagos. We will be using the most southern one. Both are quite flat and hills are seen as mountains here! On each of the island there is vegetation, sea life (fish, crutacians, etc.) and land life (rondents, reptiles, birds). The islands are maximum 4m above sea level. Those islands change greatly during seasons but also during daily tides.



You can choose from using the simple beach house or camping. We will provide with all the gear.


Tongan food is composed of land and sea produce. And as Tongan people are hunter and gatherers from both these environments it creates a great array of food options. In addition, thanks to Tonga's beautiful tropical weather, with enough rain and sunshine, it is perfect for cultivation on fertile volcanic soil. As a result different types of root crops are seen in local diet, and used as a substitute for common potatoes.

Raw fish, ground oven baked and stews, local fruits, as well meats (pork, fish, lobsters, octopus) are used in daily cooking. You should not miss some great traditional dishes like: Lú (underground oven cooked wrapped beef with coconut milk in taro leaves), ‘Ota ‘ika (raw and fish marinated in citrus juice and coconut milk served with chopped chili, cucumber, capsicum), Feke (grilled octopus or squid prepared in coconut sauce), Kapisi pulu (beef and cabbage in coconut cream) most accompanied by a root crop (tapioca, kumala, taro, ...). Fruits (watermelon, guava, apssion fruit, mangoes, mandarines, bananas, ...) make up most Deserts.


Local taxi van for all road trips.

Private speed boat for sea transport.

12.What to expect

This is not the typical island resort style experience: it is not a hotel. Our little Island is a small family owned holiday house retreat: they leave on the mainland and only use it only for holidays. You are invited to experience what it is like to live without access to day to day basics, but with some comfort. You will be taken by private boat to the island situated just 30/40 minutes by boat from the main island of Tonga. Then you settle in your accommodation (the beach house or camping, up to you). The island career and the cook will be there to make it more pleasurable but so discreet you will feel alone. The island has four sides; two beautiful sand beaches (where you can snorkel, swim, paddle board, kayak, fish) and two rock beaches (where you can fish, swim in pools, snorkel). Thanks to these four sides, you always have options during windy days to choose a sheltered beach. You can head back to the mainland any time you want, to enjoy cafés and restaurants or simply discover town and local culture (people, church, food, markets and tourist sites). The only sound on the Island will be of waves crashing and the wind in the palm trees, guaranteeing an amazing sleep and ears' rest. Electricity is available a few hours a day thanks to solar panels. Fresh water is collected from rain and used for hygiene and cooking. Another small island across from yours is also deserted and a great opportunity to go kayaking or snorkeling to discover local sea life.   


13.Safety and security

We take safety very seriously. Like in any trip, doing this journey involves risks. Those Risks for this destination would mainly be physical injuries and bad weather. We try to minimise these risks by preparing for them (for example withdraw from the island into town if weather turns very bad). The best is to act mindfully and carefully. The area is very well known to us, and your hosts. In the Kingdom of Tonga there are no to hardly any political and human risk. The only dangers come from the sea (sea snake, sharks, ursins, etc.), the weather (unforeseen storm) and the 'unpredictable' (earthquake, tsunami, etc.)

But be reminded, your safety and your pleasure is our priority.


a.There are no guides provided with this itinerary

b.No internet or mobile phone network for 8 days

c.Medical facilities is on the main island


per person in a group of 4 adults during 8 days = AUD 2490


a.Duration: this price is for an 8 days stay for 4 people, but you are welcome to change the length of stay, and let us know so we can quote it accordingly.

b.This destination allows us to cater for different budgets, so should you have a low cost approach to your journey let us know.

16.Inclusions and exclusions


i.all food and meals on your Island

ii.accommodation (in twin share room)

iii.transports and drivers as per the schedule

iv.use of activity gear on your island (paddle board, kayak, snorkeling, etc.)

v.2 half days / pers of boat fishing and island hopping


i.meals & beverages in town

ii.swimsuits not available to 'meeting point' (here flight to Tonga)

iv.personal expenses (beverages, entertainment,etc) to local guides

vi.personal equipment

Should you have any questions please contact us