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Everybody knows Europe. Though France remains the world’s top tourist destination, closely followed by Italy, Spain and Germany, we have still managed to create off beaten track  experiences in the more remote areas.

Europe is an outstanding example of historical cultivation and preservation. Its dramatic and diverse landscapes range from the hard ancient rock of the  western uplands, the navigable rivers of the Great European Plains, the forested Central Uplands and the rugged, steep sloping Alpine Ranges. Drawing on Europe’s rich cultural history, and diverse geography, No Limit Journeys seeks to explore Europe differently through an array of never seen itineraries.

Did you know about the ancient Duchy of Savoie and its forgotten Alpine cheese routes? Have you ever imagined Skiing, resort hopping style? What about following the footsteps of the Franciscans across Slovenia? And experiencing climbers sensation without being one? Cycle the Lofoten ? Trail the Ural from the Barents to the Aral ? Its time to jazz up Europe!

Examples of journeys:

Current Destinations

  • france
  • switzerland
  • italy
  • austria
  • slovenia
  • slovakia
  • croatia
  • bulgaria
  • romania
  • poland
  • norway
  • russia
  • ukraine

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