chile-argentina ski road trip




This is a unique ski trip across the Andes!

With this road trip you will discover Argentina and Chile over a 2500km journey. Pampa region, northern Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia region, and Biobio region will be our wide and generous playground !

This itinerary is divided in four stages allowing us to enjoy both changing landscape and different snow conditions. We will use ski lifts to take us as high as possible and will finish the ascent with skins, to ski down the backcountry in virgin slopes.

Part of the journey will take us to active volcanoes that we will summit and ski down to create memories of a life time!

In the evening, our local accommodation and restaurants will serve us a simple, traditional but so tasty local food, accompanied by nice local wines.

This trip is designed to deliver an amazing off the beaten path experience in a region that has remained pure and wild.

1.Departure Date:

15 - 30 August 2020


15 days (14 nights)

3.Group Meeting Point:

Buenos Aires International Airport (Argentina)

4.Who can go?

a.Min age: adults only

b.Physical condition: must be fit and healthy. This ski trip involves 8 days of ski trekking.

c.You will need to:

i.To be a confirmed skier/snowboarder

ii.To be able to ski Off Piste

iii.To carry a backpack while skiing

iv.To ascend mountains with skins

v.walk uphill for 4 to 6 continuous hours

vi.To be a team player be mentally fit and strong

vii.Be physically and mentally ready

viii.To well spirited and happy with unplanned changes

d.Group size: max 5 pax + 1 guide

5. Trip overall Rating [where 1 is 'easy' and 10 'is very tough'] = 6,3 /10  (easy)

Difficulty = 8/10

Isolation = 5/10

Danger = 6/10

6.This activity involves (%):

Transport: Skiing/walking = 40%  Van = 60%

Survival skills = 10%

Orienteering = 50%

Group Autonomy = 40%


Day 1,

meet at Buenos Aires International Airport, together you will head to the domestic airport to fly to San Rafael. Transfer to Las Lenas. Check in hotel, briefing and safety gear verification. Dinner.

Day 2,

Breakfast, safety briefing and off piste gear check. Soft off piste day exploring the resort.

Day 3-4,

off piste skiing with occasional short or long (up to 3h) ski trekking ascent to reach desired summits (Cerro martin, Torrecillas, etc) peak up to 3800m

Day 5,

Drive south along the Andes and its magnificient landscapes (about 10h). Night in downtown San Martin de Los Andes.

Day 6,

ski the Chapelco area on and off piste;

Day 7,

cross the border into Chile via the scenic road by the Lanin volcano. Enjoy some natural hot springs and overnight in a cosy B&B with an awesome asado.

Day 8-9,

Ski trekking in Pucon where we ascend the 2800m of active Villarica volcano with our skins. Uphill about +1400m / downhill -1700m. Well deserved overnight in hotel. We use day 9 as a buffer day.

Day 10,

Drive through the Araucania region and its numerous volcanos (about 5h). Overnight in a hotel and relax at its spa. 

Day 11-13,

during those 3 days we will ski offpiste, ride snowmobiles to reach rare and untouched snow fields. We will also ski trek to sensational natural hot water spa. And obviously ski back ! Overnight in the same hotel those 3 nights.

Day 14,

transfer to Santiago de Chile, discover the capital city and its good restaurants. Overnight in hotel.

Day 15,

breakfast and departure to Santiago International Airport. End of Journey.

8.Weather / local conditions / Terrain:

Weather during this journeys is quite varied and it can't be defined as one only. This trip covers about 2500km

So the weather will litterally vary from Mediteranean like to dry continental or partial humid (like in japan). The only common factor is that we are in winter. Some days in some areas you'll be wearing tshirts others you'll be wrapped in all your snow gear. Snow is always very beautiful and the sun shines a lot.



We will stay 8 nights in hotels and 4 equivalent B&B. They will range from 2* to 4*: We like them quite a bit as all of them are very cosy.


Aaah... south american food... "Chilean and Argentinean cuisine[1] stems mainly from the combination of traditional, Spanish cuisine, Chilean Indigenous Mapuche culture and local ingredients, with later important influences from other European cuisines, particularly from Germany, Italy and France. The food tradition and recipes in both countries are notable for the variety of flavours and ingredients, with the country’s diverse geography and climate hosting a wide range of agricultural produce, fruits and vegetables [...]" And again both Argentina and Chile are also known for their large wine production, that we will not forego!

Argentina could be caracterised by the 'asado' (BBQ), while Chile is probably more famous for its seafood (fish, crabs, crustaceans, etc) and its empanadas but will rival in amazing 'asados' too! In both countries people have a reputation for their love of eating: Social gatherings are commonly centered on sharing a meal. Invitations to have dinner at home is generally viewed as a symbol of friendship, warmth.

During our journey will have nice hearty food and while in town we could enjoy high end cuisine or bodegones. Both cultures will see variations of the 'pastels', 'Cazuelas' 'Empanadas fritas', 'Costillar de Chancho' and 'Parrilladas' to your greatest pleasure!


Airport pickups and drop offs are made in mini vans or taxis.

During the road trip we will have a Van or SUV.

12.What to expect

This is road trip by definition, with nice people, good vibe, good food and great skiing! The best itineraries (off piste) always are on the wild side of ski resorts. Even after a few days of sunshine, it is possible to find tracks free runs ! We endeavour to bring you the majestic world of snowy peaks and pristine landscapes

13.Safety and security

We take safety very seriously.

There are no major risks but the ones inherent to ski trekking (body injuries, weather, avalanches, etc.). We minimize these risks by preparing for them. But the best is to act mindfully and carefully during the trip. The area is well known to your experienced guide, and the route could differ depending on local conditions.

Should an incident happen, rescue protocols are well established and local rescue operators can be contacted via VHF and by mobile phone.


a.We will provide you with an avalanche safety kit (ORTOVOX, shovel, probe), but should you have one please bring it.

b.We do not provide portable HF radios

c.No internet for a period of time


per person in a group of 5 (twin share and dormitory)

= from AUD7090 or AUD472 p/day

For less pax please contact us

16.Inclusions and exclusions

a.inclusions English speaking host qualified mountain guide for the group.

iii.Ski lifts passes for all ski resorts used

iv.Snowmobile ride to Mt Nuevo

v.Accomodation as per schedule (in twin share rooms)

vi.transport and drivers as per the schedule and specialised equipment


i.cancellation insurance

ii.mountain activities insurance flights to 'meeting point'

iv.personal expenses (beverages, entertainment, etc) to local guides

vi.lunch: during such trip we prefer to organise a piggy bank so all members can decide what to have for lunch/picnic and share

vii.dinner of days 5 to 9 and 13 to 14 are not included. 

viii.special skis such as freeride skis (+40AUD/day)

ix.portable HF radios not provided

Should you have any questions please contact us or like it !