OPEN A NEW ROUTE, explore legends!


For centuries, the Serra do Roncador has captured the human imagination. From the early pioneers who searched for precious metals and the slave trade of native Indians, through to the enduring mythology of Atlantis and the mysterious disappearance of the explorer Colonel Fawcett, the region is steeped in intrigue.

The region’s name derives both from its spectacular physical attributes, with unique vegetation and rock formations that produce a snoring sound when the wind flows through, as well as a the common call of the garupu, a species of deer abundant in the region.

This journey will be an exploration in the truest sense, as we will be creating a travel itinerary in very remote area of Mato Grosso virtually from scratch. Future travellers will be the beneficiaries of this first exploration, as everything is yet to be done. The journey will involve assessing the relevance of some historical sites, finding good campsites and testing different routes by land or water, all to create the most spectacular trekking itinerary possible. We’ll also be investigating some of the enduring myths and legends surrounding the area.

Join us in this exploratory journey and play a vital role in the exploration of unchartered territory in one of the last regions of the world still untouched by tourism.

1.Departure Date:

May to September 2020


four 8 days blocks

3.Group Meeting Point:

Airport of Santa Genoveva, Goiânia-Goiás

4.Who can go?

a.Min age: 18 years and over   

b.Physical condition: Must be fit and healthy. This trip involves seven (7) continuous days of low-altitude (between 350 and 750m) trekking in difficult terrain, carrying a 15-kg backpack.

c.You will need to:

i.Walk up to 23km a day in rough terrain

ii.Be able to endure temperatures between 35° and 44°c in very dry climatic conditions

iii.Be mentally fit and able to withstand remote conditions

iv.Enjoy basic living conditions

d.Group size: max 6 pax + 2 guides

5. Trip overall Rating [where 1 is 'easy' and 10 'is very tough'] = 7,6 /10  (=Tough)

Difficulty = 8/10

Isolation = 8/10

Danger = 7/10

6.This activity involves (%):

Transport: on foot = 65% | Jeep = 20%  | Canoe 15%

Survival skills = 60%

Orientation = 40%

Group autonomy = 80%


(B=breakfast | L=lunch | D=diner)

Day 1, group transfer in van from Goiânia’s airport to Barra do Garças town (estimated 400km/5,5h). Briefing and accommodation at Odara Hotel in Barra do Garças. (D)

Day 2, Transfer from Odara Hotel until Praia do Cantagalo, in jeep, for 63km (approx. 1h). 15km rowing up the Garças river. (B, L, D)

Day 3, 18km trekking up to the proximities of Córrego da Mata. (B, L, D)

Day 4, 11km trekking until Cachoeira da Furna. (B, L, D)

Day 5, 13km trekking from Cachoeira da Furna, through córrego do Vicente until the top of the range (B, L, D)

Day 6, 17km trekking from the range until córrego da mata.

Day 7, 23km trekking until córrego dos índios/cachoeira cristal (stream and waterfall). Return in jeep for 62km (approx. 1h). Accommodation at Odara Hotel. (B, L, D)

Day 8, group transfer in van from Odara Hotel to Goiânia’s airport (estimated 400km / 5,5h) (B)


8.Weather / local conditions / Terrain:

As of May, the rainy season ends and the humidity drops significantly, reaching only 8% at the peak of the dry season, between July and September. Our path involves low altitude terrain, and mostly comprises two types of physical endurance: rowing upriver, followed closely by trekking in bush-like vegetation, with occasional stretches of grassland.



Days 1 and 7 - Barra do Garças: Odara Hotel

Days 2 to 6 - Tents, with a possible night at a local farm at the end of the trek.


It will mostly be the traditional food of drovers and pioneers, such as paçoca meat, sugarcane bars and water. But there will also be more elaborate meals with, rice, beans, meat, vegetables and fruits. If you choose to travel in August or September the food will be more diversified with seasonal fruits from the Serrado. Fish can be caught in the river. All expedition members will help in preparing their campsites and food.


Road transfer will be done in van from the airport to the hotel (approx 5,5h), an aeroplane charter option is available too (approx 1h30, for availability and cost, contact us please). Then by jeep to the riverbank. On the river, the navigation is done in basic local canoes. To finish, the largest stretch will be on foot, trekking.

12.What to expect

This itinerary will involve old cattle farms trails in valleys, but most of the journey will be in hilly and uninhabited areas made of high plateaus that are divided by deep canyons.

Although surrounded by the Amazon forest, vegetation of the Serra do Roncador is typical of that found in the Brazilian Serrado. We will pass through pass through huge rock formations and several plateaus that have caves with underground lakes, many of which contain paintings or are rumoured to have water the colour of household swimming pools.

In 1925, Colonel Fawcett hoped to find a mythical city inhabited by the Atlantis survivors. His hypothesis was based on indigenous stories describing a lost city in the Amazon rainforest basin. He and his team disappeared somewhere between the Xingu and the Serra do Roncador area, triggering wild rumours, including that the colonel became king of an Indian tribe in the caves of the Serra do Roncador. From the 1950s onwards, the myths have proliferated thanks to modern sects that believe Atlantis tribes still exist in underground caves.

13.Safety and security

We take safety very seriously. But remember that we are entering a wild and remote natural reserve that, like anywhere, has its own dangers. Serra do Roncador is home to many beautiful wild species but also includes dangerous animals such as snakes, spiders and scorpions. No Limit Journeys puts a lot of work into preparing its itineraries to ensure the safety of each journey.

Communication with the outside world is via satellite messaging devices, amateur radio and cell phones in specific areas. As part of our safety protocol, we will supply a map of the entire itinerary to the local fire department prior to departure, in case specialised rescue is necessary.

We also employ highly experienced guides, in this case a lifelong local who is related to the area’s first traditional landowner.


a.We will employ two guides (one being a English translator) for up to 6 people. internet or mobile phone network for the entire 7 days.

c.This is not a private tour - for one please contact us.


per person in a group of 6 (twin share)

= from AUD 3120 or AUD 390 p/day for 8days

a.For less pax please contact us

b.For airplane charter service between Goiana and Barra do Garças contact us

16.Inclusions and exclusions


i.Brasilian Adventure activities insurance

ii.Safety equipment

iii.Meals as mentioned in the schedule

iv.Accommodation (in double room)

v.Transport and drivers as per schedule

vi.A native guide and a bilingual guide


i.Personal expenses (drinks, entertainment, etc.)

ii.Tips for local guides

iii.Personal equipment

iv.Brazilian visa fees (

v.Travel insurance

vi.Flights to 'meeting point'

vii.Tips to local guides

Should you have any questions please contact us or like it !